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The Organization of APFDC consists of a group of competent and hardworking people in the cadres of Officers and Staff. The company, which started its activities in the year 1975 with only 2 Divisional Offices, has grown enormously in its size with the increased activity which would not have been otherwise possible but for the hard working team of its Officers and Staff. At present the Company has its Corporate Office at Guntur (headed by Vice Chairman & Managing Director in the rank of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests) assisted by Executive Director (IFS Officer) and various other functionaries, with 3 Regional Offices (headed by Regional Managers in the cadre of  Chief Conservators of Forests/ Conservators of Forests) and 16 Divisional Offices (headed by Divisional Managers).

The following is the Cadre Strength of each Category as on 01.12.2017.



IFS Officers 


Corporation Officers


Executive Staff


Ministerial Staff


Class-IV Staff





List of officers and Staff of APFDC


S.No Name of the Officer Designation Place Of Working Mobile Email ID STD Landlane
Head Office - Email - vcmd_apfdc@yahoo.co.in & vcmd.apfdcl@gmail.com
1 Binod Kumar Singh, IFS Vice Chairman & Managing Director Head Office 8008301601 bksingh.ifs@yahoo.co.in 863 2223600
2 M. Revathi, IFS Cheif General Manager Head Office 8331852152 revathi.tushitha@gmail.com 863 2230600
3 B.N.N. Murthy, IFS Executive Director, Eco - Tourism Head Office 9494549317 bnnmurthy79@gmail.com 863 2223700
4 S. Gani Basha Divisional Manager Head Office 8008301606 gani.forest60@gmail.com    
5 K. Ramalinga Reddy Divisional Manager (Vig.) Head Office 9491168170 ramalingareddy12@gmail.com    
6 A. Jagannadha Rao Accounts Officer Head Office 8008301664      
7 B.D. Nageswara Rao Assistant Personnel Officer Head Office 8008010219 bdnr.apfdc@yahoo.com    
8 S. Kamalakar Naidu Special Assistent Head Office 7989583471      
9 Ch. Mahesh Senior Accountant Head Office 8985181355 sonumahesh8@gmail.com    
10 D. Rama Ganesh Senior Accountant Head Office 8985372700 ramaganesh800@gmail.com    
11 M. Venkateswara Rao Plantation Manager Head Office 9440216492 vrmalli333999@gmail.com    
12 CD. Supriya Dy.Plantation Manager Head Office 9966202127 cdsupriyaraj@gmail.com    
13 T. Gagan Sai Junior Assistant Head Office 9493333386 gagan.apfdc@gmail.com    
14 SK. Shaik Shavali Office Subordinate Head Office 8143473889 sshavali169@gmail.com    
Rajahmundry Regional Office Email- apfdcrmrjy@gmail.com Land- 0883-2475791
1 T. Jyothi, IFS Regional Manager Rajahmundry 9491193636 apfdcrmrjy@gmail.com 883 2475791
2 M.Kishore Babu Divisional Manager Rajahmundry 8978300252 kishorebabumodi60@gmail.com    
3 Y. Tirupathi Naidu HDM Rajahmundry  9490832890 tirupathinaidu.y@gmail.com    
Rajahmundry Divisional Office Email-dmfdcrjy@yahoo.com Land- 0883-2467468
1 P.CH.R.N.V Prasad Divisional Manager Rajahmundry  8008301617      
2 . Smt. N. Swarnalatha PM Rajavommangi        
3 Smt. Jayasri PM Kothapalli        
4 K. Nageswara Rao PM Rajavommangi        
5 D.D.Nirosha DPM Rajavommangi        
6 L.S.CH.S.R Raju DPM Dwchru&Ktpalli        
7 K. Arjuna Rao DPM Tpalem&Skonda        
8 N.Veeraneyulu APM Maredumilli        
9 D. Yesteru Rani APM Pmdi, Kothapalli        
10 Y. Suresh Kumar APM Jdngi & Rvmgi        
11 P.Satyanarayana FM Rajavommangi        
12 J.S Rambabu Spl. Asst Rajahmundry         
13 Smt. T. Vishnupriya Jr. Asst. Rajahmundry         
Eluru Divisional Office Email- apfdc.elr@gmail.com Land- 08821-250289
34 K.Ramalinga Reddy Divisional Manager (FAC) Eluru 8008301634 apfdc.elr@gmail.com 8812 250289
35 P. Havillah Jr. Draughtsman Eluru        
36 T. Madhuvani Jr. Asst Eluru 8523037187      
37 D.D. Nirosha DPM as I/C PM Eluru 9000821174 nirooshaapm@gmail.com    
38 G. Pulla Rao DPM Eluru 7702421900      
39 A. Satyakala  PM Nallazerla 8985952847 askfdc123@gmail.com    
40 R. Peddi Raju DPM as I/C PM Chinthalapudi 9440446037      
41 G.R Sasikala  DPM Dubacherla 9866692697 grshashikala3@gmail.com    
42 K. Neeraja Komali DPM Nallazerla 9491374714 komalipandu999@gmail.com    
43 K. Somasekhar DPM Chinthalapudi 9492395523 somukattunga@gmail.com    
44 CH. Srinu DPM Chinthalapudi 9866108343 syamkruthi@gmail.com    
45 B. Rambabu APM  Barrikonda 9441893066 rambabubarti77@gmail.com    
46 N.V.D Suresh APM Katrenipadu 9505711544 nalamativdsuresh@gmail.com    
Nellore Regional Office Email- rm_nlr@yahoo.com Land- 0861-2326407
47 B.N.N Murthy, IFS Regional Manager Nellore 8008301622 rm_nlr@yahoo.com 861 2326407
48 M. Lakshminarayana  Spl. Asst Nellore         
49 MD. Zaneer Basha Head Draughtsman Nellore         
Nellore Divisional Office Email- dmnlr.apfdc@yahoo.com
50 Rama Krishna Divisional Manager Nellore 8008301623 dmnlr.apfdc@yahoo.com    
51 K. Srinivas I/D Clerk Nellore        
52 N. Gopal Office Subordinate Nellore         
53 K. Thulasiram Jr. Asst Nellore        
54 Ch. Vasantha Kumari Office Sub - Ordinate Nellore        
55 V.S.N Aruna Kumari PM Nellore        
56 S. Dileep DPM Nellore 8978009308 sdileep008@gmail.com    
57 V. Radhika  DPM Nellore        
58 P. Prabhakaraiah DPM Nellore 7075311275 prabhakaraiah111@gmail.com    
59 A. Prasad DPM Nellore 9393488501 kishoreannem9@gmail.com    
60 V. Aruna DPM Nellore 9908430033 vadanalaarunakanthi@gmail.com    
61 SK. Shavul APM Nellore 9866705407 skshavulnlr@gmail.com    
62 M. Prathima APM Nellore 7396385122 mprathimareddy@gmail.com    
63 Y. Srinivasulu APM Nellore 7416120678 yakasiri.srinivasulu678@gmail.com    
64 G. Sreedhar Goud APM Nellore 9440208532 Sreedhargoud336@gmail.com    
Kavali North Divisional Ofiice Email- dm_apfdckvl@yahoo.com Land- 08626-242725
65 G. PadmaRao Divisional Manager Kavali North 8790745993 dm_apfdckvl@yahoo.com 8626 242725
66 V. Krishanaiah Sr. Asst Kavali North         
67 V. Venka Reddy DPM Kavali North         
68 R.S Vamsee Krishna DPM Kavali North         
69 R. Venkateswarlu APM Kavali North         
Kavali South Divisional Ofiice Email- dm_apfdckvl@yahoo.com Land- 08626-243724
70 P. Ch. R.N.V.Prasad Divisional Manager Kavali South 8008301624 dm_apfdckvl@yahoo.com 8626 243724
71 CH. Mythri DPM Kavali South        
72 T. Veeramohan DPM Kavali South        
73 K.S.R Ramanujam DPM Kavali South        
74 P. Srinivasa Rao DPM Kavali South        
Naidupeta Divisional Ofiice Email- dmapfdc@gmail.com Land- 08623- 248376
75 B. Srinivasa Rao Divisional Manager Naidupet 8008301625 dmapfdc@gmail.com 8623 248376
76 S. Kamalakar Naidu Spl. Asst Naidupeta        
77 M. Brahmaiah PM Naidupeta        
78 J. Munivenkata Masthan DPM Naidupeta        
79 S. Janaki DPM Naidupeta        
80 M.V. Rajendra Prasad DPM Naidupeta        
81 P. Sarada Devi DPM Naidupeta        
82 N. Hariprasad APM Naidupeta        
83 P. Dorasanamm APM Naidupeta        
84 D. Ramesh APM Naidupeta        
85 CH. Mahesh babu APM Naidupeta        
86 CH. Swathi APM Naidupeta        
87 T. Surendra Kumar APM Naidupeta        
Satyavedu Divisional Ofiice Email- dmstvd@yahoo.com Land- 08576-226742
88 K. Ramalinga Reddy Divisional Manager Satyavedu 8008301626 dmstvd@yahoo.com 8576 226742
89 T. Sudhakar Reddy Sr. Asst Satyavedu        
90 G. Bhargavi Jr. Draughtsman Satyavedu        
91 P.V. Lokanadham PM Satyavedu        
92 G. Srinivasula PM Satyavedu        
93 D. Sobha DPM Satyavedu        
94 P. Krishnaiah DPM Satyavedu        
95 CH. Radhakrishna DPM Satyavedu        
96 S. Mohanakranthi APM Satyavedu        
97 V. Seshagiri APM Satyavedu        
98 P. Somu APM Satyavedu        
Bapatla Divisional Office Email- dm_apfdckvl@yahoo.com Land- 08626- 242725
99 G. PadmaRao Divisional Manager (I/C)  Bapatla  8790745993 dm_apfdckvl@yahoo.com 8626 242725
100 K. Jayasri PM Bapatla 9640354801      
101 Chinnababaiah DPM Bapatla        
102 P. Ramadevi APM Bapatla        
103 B. Swetha APM Bapatla        
104 SK. Rehman APM Bapatla        
Visakhapatnam Regional Office Email- rm_apfdc_vizag@yahoo.co.in Land- 0891-2539397
105 P.Ram Mohan Rao Regional Manager (i/c) Visakhapatnam 8008301627 rm_apfdc_vizag@yahoo.co.in 891 2539397
106 TVR. Phanibhushan Head Draughtsman Visakhapatnam         
107 Ch. Mahesh Sr. Accountant Visakhapatnam         
Visakhapatnam Divisional Office Email- dmapfdcvizag@gmail.com Land- 0891-2500381
108 Smt. T.Jyothi Divisional Manager Visakhapatnam 8008301607 dmapfdcvizag@gmail.com 891 2500381
109 G. Lakshman Rao IDR Asst Visakhapatnam         
110 V. Sandhya Devi IDR Asst Visakhapatnam         
111 S. Appala Raju Supervisor Visakhapatnam         
112 N. Veeranjaneyulu APM Visakhapatnam         
R.V Nagar East Divisional Office Email- dmrvne.apfdc@yahoo.com Land- 08937-238811
113 G. Krishna Babu Divisional Manager R.v Nagar East 9492148149 dmrvne.apfdc@yahoo.com 8937 238811
114 T.V.Ramana Murthy Typist R.V Nagar East        
115 Shaik Basheer Dada Junior Assistant R.V Nagar East        
116 E.V.Satyanarayana Fieldman  R.V Nagar East        
117 G. Ramudu Fieldman Gr-II R.V Nagar East        
118 T.V.Ramana Murthy Typist R.V Nagar East        
119 Shaik Basheer Dada Junior Assistant R.V Nagar East        
120 E.V.Satyanarayana Fieldman  R.V Nagar East        
121 G. Ramudu Fieldman Gr-II R.V Nagar East        
122 K.Sambasiva Rao AEM R.V Nagar East        
123 K.Satyanarayana Supervisor R.V Nagar East        
124 V.Nageswara Rao Fieldman Gr.I R.V Nagar East        
125 P. Bala Raju Fieldman Gr.I R.V Nagar East        
126 T. Kondala Rao Fieldman Gr.I R.V Nagar East        
127 L.Ramakrishna Supervisor R.V Nagar East        
128 T.Routhu Babu Fieldman Gr.I R.V Nagar East        
R.V Nagar West Divisional Office Email- dmrenw.apfdc@yahoo.com Land- 08937-238825
129 P.Ratna Deepa Divisional Manager R.v Nagar West ---------------------- dmrenw.apfdc@yahoo.com 8937 238825
130 V.Bhim Kumar Senior Accountant  R.V Nagar West        
131 T.Pondu Dora Field Man  Gudem-1, R.V  W        
132 K. Ashesha Field Man R.V Nagar West        
133 K.Yerresu Field Man Gr-I R.V Nagar West        
134 KV Ramana Field Man Gr-I R.V Nagar West        
135 V.Dhanurjai Field Man Gr-I Gudem-1, R.V W        
136 MJ Prathapan Field Man Gr-I Gudem-1, R.V W        
137 SV. Satyanarayana Field Man Gr-II R.V Nagar West        
Chintapalli North Divisional Office Email- dmctpn.apfdc@yahoo.com Land- 08937-238282
138  G.S.V.Satyam Divisional Manager Chinthapalli North 9490109667 dmctpn.apfdc@yahoo.com 8937 238282
139  S.Eswara Rao Sr.Asst Chinthapalli N        
140  Ch.Raju AEM Chinthapalli N        
141 Smt V.Kanakalamma Supervisor Vangasara - 1        
142 V. Satyanarayana Naidu Field Man Chinthapalli N        
143 G.Chitti Babu Field Man Gr-I Vangasara - 1         
144 S.Dasaradhi Field Man Vangasar - 2        
145 J.Thoudaiah Field Man Gr-I Vangasar - 2 8125960247 jthoudaiah@rediffmail.com    
146 K.V.B.Padal  Field Man Gr-I Vangasar - 2 8500099818 kvbpadal@rediffmail.com    
147  M.Sudharsana Rao Supervisor Chinthapalli N        
148 S.Chandrakala  Supervisor Vangasar - 2        
149 Sri K.Nageswara Rao Field Man Gr-I Chinthapalli N 8985778768      
Chintapalli South Divisional Office Email- dmctps.apfdc@yahoo.com Land- 08937-238225
150 Smt.P.Sarada Divisional Manager Chinthapalli South 9490132594 dmctps.apfdc@yaahoo.com 8937 238225
151 M Sreeramulu Attender Chinthapalli S 9494925979      
152 Ch.Krishna Rao AEM Chinthapalli S        
153 M. Appa Rao FM  Chinnagedda        
154 A Ch. Satyanarayana FM Gr.II Chinnagedda 9491266189      
155 GSN Murthy. FM  Kommangi 8333081611      
156 Ch.Yerranna FM Gr.I Kommangi 9491883946      
157 K.Prasad Supervisor. Pedavalasa - 1 9441739157      
158 S.Sanyasi Rao, FM  Chaparathiplm 8500415703      
159 P.Thatha Rao. FM Gr.I Pedavalasa - 1        
Paderu Divisional Office Email- apfdcltdpaderu@gmail.com land- 08935-250234
160 V.Babu Rao Divisional Manager Paderu 8500636324 apfdcltdpaderu@gmail.com 8935 250234
161 P.Satyanarayana FM  Rompula 8500926153      
162 M.Lakshminarayana. FM Gr.I Sallai 9493744105      
163 L.Kondala Rao FM Gr.I Madem 8500506167      
164 K.Ramesh Sr.Assistant Paderu 9493941018      
165 K.Govardhan A . E .M  Araku, Paderu 9440213005      
166 Kum B. Sundaramma Supervisor Chompi, Paderu 7382749798      
167 P.N.M.Raju Fieldman  Araku, Paderu 7382382110      
168 N.Swarna Latha AEM R.V N C, Paderu        
169 B Appa Rao Fieldman Gr-I Pedabayulu, Paderu 8330927582      
170 Smt. Killo Jhansi  Supervisor Sangodi 9491214543      
171  M.V.R.S.C.K Naidu  Supervisor Minumuluru 8985888910      
172 Smt. M.Vasantha Kumari Supervisor Minumuluru 8985078161      
173 N.Narasinga Rao Fieldman Gr-I Minumuluru        
174 Sri.K.Pothanna Fieldman Gr-I Minumuluru        
175 L Vemalingam PC Minumuluru        
Narsipatnam Divisional Office Email- dm_apfdc_nrpm@yahoo.co.in Land- 08932-235091
176 H.Lakshminarayana Rao Divisional Manager Narsipatnam 8008301628 dm_apfdc_nrpm@yahoo.co.in 8932 235091
177 Smt G.Satyakumari Jr.Asst. Narsipatnam 8985902514      
178 Smt G.Mangatayaru Watchman Narsipatnam 9676897907      
179 Sri S.V.S.N.Murthi FM Narsipatnam 9491433924      
180 Smt P.Venkata Sudha FM Narsipatnam 9493574298      
181 Sri M.Satyanarayana  FM Gr I Narsipatnam        
182 Sri S.Satyanarayana PC Narsipatnam        
183 Smt G.Satyakumari Jr.Asst. Narsipatnam        






Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Government Of Andhra Pradesh

Sri Balineni Srinivas Reddy

Hon'ble Minister for Environment, Forest, Science & Technology

Global Tender cum eAuction of Red Sander Wood New

Coffee plantations: A boon to tribal people
Coffee plantations raised in 4,000-odd hectares by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corporation (APFDC) in seven mandals in the Agency area is a great boon to tribal women and men.

High Level Eucalyptus Clonal Plantation
APFDC had been raising Industrial Plantations of Eucalyptus and Bamboo so far covering an area of 48,000 ha and 10,000 ha respectively. The plantations raised through seed in the past have given an average yield of only 10 MT/ha at the rotation age of 8/9 years as against projected yields of 40 MT/ha. The yield from subsequent rotations is only ⅓ rd to ¼th of first rotation.